HPN to Offer Initial Training in S-92

“It has come to light that in order to remain competitive in the Helicopter training industry, we must remain vigilant in our quest for superior helicopters when offering initial training.”  A Spokesman for Heli-Network.com announced today.  “It is our pleasure to announce today that we will no longer be using 300c’s or R-22’s.  All flight training will now be conducted in the S-92.” 

The S-92 offers so much more as far as a training platform.  Let’s face it, when you have a twin engine platform, who needs to practice autorotations?  It is our belief that, not needing to perfect this maneuver is a far better safety feature because you have that extra turbine lingering around to bail you out. 
The S-92 is a multi-purpose airframe featuring two GE CT7-8A Turbine engines.  “We think autos are a thing of the past.” The spokesman said. “Besides, what looks better on a resume for that first job flying tours in a 44?”

The S-92 also features a 4 axis fully coupled autopilot system, so we won’t have to worry about students beating up the aircraft too much.  It also features a flight data monitoring system which will enable instructors to view precisely how it was being flown when students solo.  “We think it just makes sense,” an instructor who spoke on the condition of anonymity said.  “Frankly we are tired of actually having to teach students how to fly properly.  With the safety characteristics of the S-92, it takes a lot of the heat off of us.” 

When asked about sticker shock with the cost per flight hour, the CEO of Heli-Network said the following: “What we care about is our students.  Especially veteran students.  Money is no object when it comes to putting smiles on the faces of those whom vigilantly served our great country.  What we offer is far above and beyond any other flight school, and we are expecting a lot of transfers.”

Initially, Heli-Network plans on having a small fleet of approximately 10 S-92’s, however has a preliminary contract with Sikorsky to expand up to 24 within the next two years should things take off as expected. More information and a sign up list will be made available shortly. 

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