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Here’s a heart throbbing story for you.  You see, as a young child, I always wanted to have my own MD Helicopter.  The more involved I became in the industry, the more I realized how much hard work, time and money it takes to make those dreams come true.  Let’s face it, helicopters are stinking expensive! 

Having not won the lottery recently I thought, you know, why not have a sense of entitlement like at least half of the other population, and rather than using my ridiculous work ethic and persistence, coupled with an absolutely maniacle no quit, don’t take no for an answer attitude, let’s do things the way the magical helicopter giving fairy intended and crowd fund that beast!!!

I mean really, with all of the time and effort involved in gaining the capital in order to have even 20% down on a monster like this, most people would never accomplish it in their lifetime.  Then you have to hangar it, fuel it, maintain it, make payments, insure it. . . again, no lottery winner so obviously I’d have to work it in order to make compensations to afford it.  (work the helicopter, not my sweet body you sickos.  I know what you were thinking, I have some semblance of dignity) 

Just imagine, those sweet blades flapping, the euphoric, pungent smell of jet fuel burning, a warm cozy hangar for it to sleep in at night and all. . . for nothing.  (Well for me at least)  You’ve worked diligently for your money, all I ask is that you give it to me, for no other reason than the fact that I want something really expensive, and I don’t want to pay for it. 

It’s not like I’m asking for an EC145 T2 or something REALLY expensive. 
So go ahead my little magical money giving minions and give, give, give so I can have something I didn’t earn! What will I give you in return?  Hope.. . . and joy, yeah why not throw some joy in there.  Ok and an immeasurable amount of love, knowing that you, yes you, provided me with a dream that I did nothing but write this amazing heart wrenching story for. 

Sidenote:  If I don’t get all the money, I’ll buy a cheaper helicopter, or just drown my misery in a lifelong battle with DGAH Disease.  It’s a real life threatening disease I just made up called. “Didn’t Get A Helicopter” Disease, and subsequently be forced to enslavement from “the man” toiling in hard labor for my spoils. 

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