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We maintain a list of highly qualified helicopter pilots for every facet of the industry. If you are looking for that perfect person to fill a slot in your business, or are in search of a company to satisfy a request for services, let us know.

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How it Started. . .

From a group of friends making fun of each other with stupid memes to an industry powerhouse capable of effecting change with a mere click of a button (ok maybe we got carried away there). If you want to hear our full story, well . . . here it is.

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Helicopter Pilot Network

HPN started as a couple friends, making fun of each other on the internet, sharing training tips and ideas and trying to hack our way through the industry. (Mainly getting into military aviation, which can be uhh. . . interesting) As it turned out, we weren’t too shabby at flying and quickly advanced through the industry, helping others on the way.

Fast forward to now. HPN is an industry leader and the largest “organized” group of helicopter “professionals.”

We have a lot of fun, we make fun of everyone, we’re equal discriminatory, but when we show up to work, you’ll not find a higher polished group of pilots anywhere else in the world. You see, it IS possible to be professional at what you do, and a complete and total goober in your downtime. So if you get hurt feelings easily, find an airplane group to join. What’s the future hold? Who knows, we plan on having lots of fun, but we’re super serious about safety, and doing things the right way.

Looking for the Group?

Helicopter Pilot Network has a Group as well. It’s for Industry Professionals ONLY. We reserve the right to refuse or remove anyone for any reason. PLEASE BE ADVISED, if you get your feelings hurt by mere words, you probably belong in a different industry, and definitely not in HPN. You’ve been warned.